Week 22 Update

OHMYGOD THE HEARTBURN! I’ll get back to that later… but ohmygosh, the heartburn is killer haha. Just had to get it out there at the beginning of this post.

Alright - I’m done week 22! These past two weeks since I’ve done my last update have been pretty cool. Week 21 hit, and I suddenly felt pregnant… like for real. My stomach is harder (still not completely hard.. but harder), and I actually keep walking into things with it (like not opening doors wide enough, because I don’t know how big I am hahah). I’m obviously going to grow a lot more, but it’s still cool to see how much I’ve grown already! If I wear tighter dresses you can 100% tell I’m pregnant (in fact, someone congratulated me on my pregnancy for the first time who I hadn’t told I was pregnant! I was so excited haha), but if I wear t-shirt dresses or sweaters you can’t really…


Heartburn - Ok, remember how at my last update I said that this only happened to me in the mornings, and that I could avoid it if I didn't eat after 9pm?! Well, I definitely jinxed myself. It seriously feels like I’m being actively stabbed for hours in the morning sometimes. It’s so painful. Thankfully it’s still not happening to me every morning, and it’s not happening to me after every meal (like it does most people who have it). I read up all about heartburn, and I’m finishing my meals by 7pm (about 4 hours before I go to sleep), and I’m avoiding greasy, spicy, and acidic foods. I’m really hoping this helps… I’ll keep you updated! I’m currently on day 3 of following this plan and I haven’t had any heart burn (I also go for walks every night after dinner which is supposed to help). Now I’m going to try eating fruit past 7pm to see if my body can handle that.

Back Pain - Nothing too bad, but I do get some back pain when I’ve been sitting too long (either a long car ride, or a long day at work). So maybe once a week I lay down on an electric heating pad and it feels magical!

Other updates:

Weight Gain - On the day that I hit 22 weeks, I had gained 16.7 pounds. They say that from here on out you should gain a pound a week, which will put me around 35 pounds which is right on track. I’m really not doing anything special other than making sure I’m eating enough nutritious calories. I’m not restricting my calories AT ALL.

The Size of the Baby - Ok, so one of my apps says a coconut… the other says a red pepper. I have no idea haha. Week 23 is a grapefruit though!

Kicks? - Ohmygod yes!!!! The day of the Raptors Parade (21 weeks exactly) he kicked and I could actually see it from the outside a little bit (a future sports fan, lol?), and then the next day my husband was able to feel it! Now he kicks so frequently!

Any questions about something I missed?! Let me know!