Week 20 Update

I’m not going to do this every week (I don’t think enough changes for me weekly, but I’ll do it when I think enough has changed/there’s an update!). I’m officially done Week 20, and here’s where I’m at!

We did our anatomy scan at week 19... and it’s a boy! I’ve been SWEARING it’s a boy nearly the entire time (there was a two week period in the middle there where I thought maybe it was a girl), but I was 99% sure going into the scan that the baby was a boy.

The anatomy scan takes an entire hour, because it’s not just the sex that they’re finding out, but they’re checking how everything else is progressing as well. Two days later we met with our doctor and we went over the results (the doctor confirmed again that it was boy), and told us that everything else is looking how it should be.

Week 20 was the first week where I all of a sudden realized that I looked pregnant! If I wear a tight dress I look very obviously pregnant, but if I wear shorts and a baggy t-shirt you can’t tell… it’s still all about the clothes. I haven’t been buying anything specifically maternity yet, but I have been buying a few cheap dresses in a size larger than I normally would. T-shirt dresses are my staple for summer, and those are fitting me great still.

New symptoms:

Heartburn. OHMYGOD is this is painful. I didn’t even think it was heartburn the first time, because most pregnant women get it right after they eat a meal… but I was getting it about an hour after I would wake up in the morning. Luckily it’s only happened to me 4 times so far.. but ohmygod is it painful!!! It feels like I’m being stabbed in the heart for an hour straight…. Luckily I think I’ve figured it out how to stop it! It happened if I eat past 9pm or so - so I just make sure to not eat any late dinners. If I have to eat a late dinner, then I make sure to go for a walk afterwards, and that seems to keep it away. Let’s hope it stays this easy to keep at bay!

Shortness of Breath. Definitely not all the time, but my office is up two flights of stairs, and I definitely need to take a minute to catch my breath after I climb all those stairs!

Pee Breaks. Ok, remember how I had to go to the bathroom constantly during the first trimester? Well that’s back (to be honestly it never completely went away haha), but this time I think it’s because of the baby! I’m also still trying to drink a ton of water to stay hydrated, so pretty much every drive we go on involves multiple stops.

Other updates:

The Size of the Baby - He’s about the size of a banana today. I guess it makes sense that my stomach is starting to look like there’s really a baby in there.

Kicks? - I’m pretty sure that I can feel kicks now. very slight, and it kind of feels like a piece of popcorn being popped in my stomach? It doesn’t hurt or feel too uncomfortable… just weird!

Stretch marks? - None so far, but I think those usually come later. From everything I’ve read it’s mostly hereditary. It also doesn’t hurt to stay hydrated (inside and out - so lots of water, and moisturizer before bed). I’ve also heard that a lot of first time moms don’t notice them until after they give birth and their stomach goes back to it’s regular size… we’ll see!

Overall - I’m feeling great! Again, I hope it continues to stay this way :)