Vegan Leather Pants

These leggings are life. Literally. At first I was terrified of them because I thought that they would be super hard to style, but I couldn't have been more wrong. 

Aritzia as a company is anything but vegan, BUT they do sell these bad boys (i.e. the most amazing vegan leather leggings ever).

They're officially called the Daria Leggings, and I love how on the website they're called 'vegan leather', instead of just 'faux leather'.

I put off buying them for a while because they're not the cheapest, but after seeing so many people wearing them and looking AMAZING in them I couldn't resist any longer.

At first glance they look a little weird because the waist is so high, but in reality they just make them SO COMFORTABLE.

(TIP: Make sure you go down a size when you buy them - they told me that they should be as tight as you can get them when you first try them on).

I  wear them all the time - they're easy to dress up with a cute top and heels, and even easier to dress down with a loose sweater and running shoes.

So go on out and grab a pair while you still can (though I don't see Aritzia discontinuing them anytime soon)!