Top 10 Questions


I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions, so I thought it would be easiest to answer them all here so they’re all in one place. I’ll answer them quickly here, and then I’ll get more details about some of the questions in future blog posts.

  1. When are you due?

    • At the end of October!

  2. Do you know the sex?

    • We just found out last week… it’s a BOY!

  3. Were you trying to have a baby?

    • Oh my god, yes. If you’re interested you can read about our story here.

  4. Will you raise your baby vegan?

    • Yes! My husband and I are both vegan, and a HUGE reason is because of the health benefits. It doesn't make sense to us to give our child animal products when we firmly believe that they’re not healthy/beneficial. The World Health Organization says that a well planned vegan diet is perfectly fine, so there ya go! Obviously when they’re old enough to make up their own mind they can do what they want… but we’ll just make sure that they know all the information so they can make an informed choice.

  5. Have you craved any non-vegan foods (like meat or dairy)?

    • I actually haven’t had any cravings at all so far… BUT if I did have a craving for meat, I still wouldn’t eat it… to me that’s like asking if I had a craving for dirt, or human flesh haha. It’s just not something I would eat as it doesn’t align with my morals. Plus, there are so many great alternatives these days that I would just eat a vegan version of something.

  6. Are you taking a prenatal?

  7. Did you have any morning sickness?

    • Thankfully no! My mom and grandma didn’t either… so I guess it’s genetics? Whatever the reason, I’m thankful for that!

  8. Are your families excited?

    • Ohmygosh YES! This little guy will be the first grandchild on both sides, so everyone is very excited.

  9. How much weight have you gained?

    • I’m 20 weeks as of June 10th, and I’ve gained about 14 pounds. It’s a little on the higher side, but I’m eating nutritious foods so I’m not worried about it at all. I was also on the smaller side before getting pregnant, so it’s all good!

  10. Is there anything you can’t eat while pregnant?

    • Since I’m vegan, the list is cut down by SO much. A lot of the list is deli meats, soft cheeses, etc. which I don’t eat anyway. It’s just unpasteurized juices and sprouts (since there’s a higher risk they can contain bad bacteria). I wrote a post about my pregnancy nutrition here !

Any more questions? Let me know!