Things You (Maybe) Don't Need While Pregnant

Photo by  Richelle Hunter!

I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant (only 3 to go!!!). I wanted to make this list because I realized that I didn’t actually need all the things that I thought I would while pregnant. Take this WHOLE listwith a grain of salt because everyone’s pregnancy is different!

These are things that I heard people SWEARING I would need, and honestly I really didn’t need them at all. So, all I’m saying is that if you need these things that’s totally fine! But maybe wait until you actually feel that you need them before going crazy and buying everything.

  1. Pregnancy Books - Bet you could have seen this one coming haha. When I first got pregnant, we rushed to the store to buy a couple pregnancy books. Honestly it was fun to go to the store and buy them - it sort of made the pregnancy seem more “real”….. but ask me how many times I’ve actually cracked them open. My husband was SUPER into it at the beginning… then I think he remembered Google existed haha.

  2. Pregnancy Pillows - Ok, these are on EVERY list of “pregnancy must haves” on the internet, and I just don’t get it!!! Apparently they make sleeping on your side easier? I might be in the minority here, but I find sleeping on my side (every while pregnant) super comfy… People who use these SWEAR by them, so all I’m saying is not to preemptively buy one. You might not need one.

  3. Maternity Clothes - Stick with me here for a minute. This one is totally going to be based on how you’re carrying, the style of clothes you wore before getting pregnant, and the season that you’re pregnant in. I lucked out on all three counts. I didn’t gain too much weight anywhere except my stomach, my go-to outfits are oversized t-shirt dresses, and I was pregnant in the summer/early fall. I was totally fine to wear my regular t-shirt dresses for the vast majority of my pregnancy, and then right as my stomach was getting too big (making the dresses just a little too short haha) the weather turned cooler and I switched to leggings. My regular leggings are still totally fine (I just wear them under my belly rather than over), and I just pair them with long sleeve shirts or t-shirts. Again, if you need to get maternity clothes, that’s totally fine! All I’m saying is not to buy them before you actually need them. The only maternity item I bought were jeans… and I wore them for half a day and now I have no idea where they are. I totally didn't need to buy them (I just got excited!).

  4. Maternity Swimsuit - This one is going to depend on how comfortable you are rocking your belly, but I found that bikinis were the way to go. I’m actually OBSESSED with wearing one pieces when I’m not pregnant, but actually felt more comfortable in a two-piece while pregnant. I just bought a cheap black one from Aerie that I wore all summer, in one size larger than I normally would (and then I actually found that my regular bikinis fit anyway!).

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.10.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.11.20 PM.png

Again - main point of this is not to make you feel bad if you need to get any of these things… I’m just saying you might not need them! My tip is to wait until you actually need something before getting it.