Vegan Restaurants

Copenhagen Vegan Cafe & Bakery

1312 Queen Street West

Neighbourhood: Parkdale


Run by the makers of Vegandale, Copenhagen Cafe is filled with delicious vegan treats (think danishes, cheesecake, etc.) and warm drinks. They have some sandwiches too, but they’re mainly known for their desserts. It’s a pretty cute restaurant, and would be an awesome spot to share treats with a your friends of a casual daytime date!

Selam (Ethiopian)

812 Bloor Street West

Neighbourhood: Christie Pits

Phone Number: 647.344.7225


Toronto’s first 100% vegan Ethiopian restaurant! Located on the lower level of it’s sister-restaurant (a traditional-ethipian restaurant), this restaurant serves authentic food that happens to also be vegan and gluten free. I was there for media night, so we got to try everything on the menu - I can confidently say that every single dish is delicious!


133 Richmond Street West

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Phone Number: 416.907.0650


A beautiful Mexican restaurant in downtown Toronto. The actual restaurant is stunning - it has a faux greenhouse roof, plants everywhere, carpets under the tables… it’s absolutely beautiful. In terms of the food, I find it’s a hit or a miss. The veggie fritters and the mini potato & mushroom flautas are delicious, but I find the tacos pretty bland. I’d recommend going here for drinks on a date and to share a few appetizers!

Not Your Mother (Ice Cream)

1346 Queen Street West

Neighbourhood: Parkdale


A retro 70’s inspired all vegan ice cream bar. They have the craziest flavours (think Chinese Takeout flavoured ice cream), and their waffle cones are made with real soft fresh waffles! It’s part of the VeganDale Brewery Complex, so you can grab a beer at the Vegandale Brewery, order Doomies for dinner, and finish your night off with an awesome ice cream cone. A perfect spot to go with friends of for a casual date!

Sorelle & Co.

161 Yorkville Ave

Neighbourhood: Yorkville (also a location in the Saks Food Hall across from the Eaton Centre)

Phone Number: 416.234.1340


Think of the most beautiful, picturesque cafe you can think of - that's Sorelle & Co. Not only is it the cutest spot you can ever imagine, but their food is to die for. It's vegan and completely free of of nuts, gluten, soy, sesame, and preservatives. I promise you that this place is so much more than the decor - the food is unbelievably good. It's the perfect spot for a girls brunch!

Kupfert & Kim

140 Spadina Ave.

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Phone Number: 416.504.2206


Easy meals to pickup when you're on the go, or on your lunch break at work. They have a few locations in food courts in office buildings, which is awesome that vegan meals are mainstream. They make delicious bowls, and their desserts are natural and tasty. You can dine-in at their location on Spadina, and they have a delicious brunch on weekends.

King's Cafe

192 Augusta Ave

Neighbourhood: Kensington

Phone Number: 416.591.1340


The name is misleading... it's definitely not a cafe. It is, however, really delicious authentic asian food. The dumplings are delicious, as is anything else on the menu! A great place to go if you're craving real Chinese food. Nearly everything is vegan, and the ones that aren't are marked for containing eggs or dairy.


1221 Bay Street

Neighbourhood: Yorkville

Phone Number: 416.348.7000


Probably the most beautiful (vegan) restaurant in Toronto. It has serious LA vibes with high ceilings, big windows, and palm-leaf wallpaper. It's the perfect place to go for a date night, a girls night, a birthday brunch... really anything. It's also a great place to go with non-vegans, as the food is amazing, and the atmosphere is really great. You MUST try their cauliflower tots!!

Highly recommend!

The Hogtown Vegan

1056 Bloor Street West

Neighbourhood: Bloor Court Village (and another location on College at Bathurst)

Phone Number: 416.901.9779


Your classic greasy-vegan meal. Everything is delicious (even my teenage non-vegan brother agrees), but don't make any plans after because you won't be able to move. It's the comfort food that you're so grateful has been made vegan. I'm a huge fan of the UnChicken Burger with buffalo sauce.

Tori's Bakeshop

Tori's Bakeshop

2188 Queen Street East

Neighbourhood: The Beaches (and the Canary District)

Phone Number: 416.226.6262


Her shop in the beaches is the cutest cafe type of restaurant, with lots of natural light, a few tables out front in the summer, and a good amount of seating inside. Her cupcakes are DELICIOUS, and she makes a variety of flavours including a bunch of gluten-free ones. If you're lucky enough to arrive on a day when they've made croissants, don't even think about not ordering one (they're AMAZING!). She also has a few savoury items (like sandwiches and flatbeads) which are pretty good! You can also order cakes from her in advance for all occasions! I have a real soft-spot for Tori because she made my wedding cake :)


873 Bloor Street West

Neighbourhood: Christie Pits

Phone Number: 416.551.0532


Bloomer's is a low-key pub(ish) style restaurant. They have board games that you can play while you wait for your meal, and it's a really casual environment. Their puled jack sandwich is really good, as is their poutine made with sunflower seed cheese. If you're lucky enough to get there before their baked treats sell out, you NEED to get something (the donuts are seriously unbelievable). 


4750 Yonge Street

Neighbourhood: Yonge & Sheppard

Phone Number: 416.226.6262


Toronto's first (and only?) vegan soft-serve ice cream shop - and everything is made with bananas! It's a small shop, but it's in a food court type place, so there's seating right in front of it. Their ice cream is delicious and they have great toppings, like blondie bits, sprinkles, Dandie marshmallows, and cookies! 

Hello 123

1122 Queen Street West

Neighbourhood: West Queen West

Phone Number: 416.532.3555



This place is pretty cool, and is the ideal spot for a date night. It's by the same people as Kupfert and Kim, but it's a full service restaurant with a nice bar, and great mood lighting. Their menu is on the small side, but everything that I've tried is really good. This place would be really great for a date night, or a girls night. They also serve brunch on weekends. 


1265 Queen Street West

Neighbourhood: Parkdale


Mythology is a joint venture between the guys behind Doomie's as well as the legendary chef Doug McNish. It's located directly beside Doomie's, and it has a similar 'cool' vibe.

Mythology has diner vibes, and the food is SO good. It has a lot of the classics from Doug's Public Kitchen, plus a TON more. This is the kind of place that you would take someone who thinks they hate vegan food... they will for SURE be proven wrong. The food is indulgent and delicious, you'll love it I promise. They're open for brunch on weekends, and for dinner every night except Monday. Note that they don't take reservations so when you get there they'll take your phone number and text you wen a table is available (unless your lucky and there's no wait time!). 

Sweet Hart Kitchen

68 Wales Ave.

Neighbourhood: Kensington Area

Phone Number: 416.340.4645


The CUTEST bake shop in all of the land - Sweet Hart kitchen is owned by two fabulous gals who bake up the most delicious treats. They have sweet treats (both raw and baked), as well as pizza pockets, seasonal sandwiches, and whatever else they whip up! Everything is extremely natural, and insanely tasty!!

Apiecalypse Now!

735 Bloor Street West

Neighbourhood: Christie Pits

Phone Number: 416.516.4555


Supercool space with arguably the best pizza in Toronto. They have insanely delicious and unique flavours (like the Fat Mac - think a Big Mac in pizza form), as well as classics like poutine, jalapeño poppers, and nachos made with tater tots). You order your pizza downstairs at the counter (and baked treats if you get there early enough before they sell out), and then bring it upstairs where they have plenty of seating and a small bar! I highly recommend that you eat here!

Doug McNish

UPDATE: CLOSED (check out his new restaurant, Mythology)

561 Marlee Ave.

Neighbourhood: Lawrence and The Allen

Phone Number: 416.603.3337


If you want vegan brunch, you NEED to go to Doug's. It's set up like a classic diner, and the menu reflects that as well. Doug's vegan eggs are unreal (the egg yolk seriously drips like a real one), and his pancakes, eggs benedict, and ruben are to DIE for (ok, everything he makes is to die for!). This is a great place to bring your sceptical non-vegan friends and family. 


147 Spadina Ave (they have four locations in Toronto!)

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Phone Number: 416.599.4222



Fresh is also a great place to go if you're going to a restaurant with non-vegans as their food is consistently amazing. Fresh has been around since 1999 and they have four locations (all in Toronto). I didn't think that I liked salads until I ate one at Fresh - they've seriously changed my life. Their menu is HUGE, and they have everything from hearty bowls, to tacos, to burgers, and soups. They also have a very large gluten-free menu, and their drink menu is very large and amazing.