Not Vegan Restaurants

Sushi Koja

120 Atlantic Avenue

Neighbourhood: Liberty Village

Phone Number: 647.343.7655

I recently went here with friends because they said it was their favourite place… and when I posted a picture of the sushi on Instagram, I received so many messages from people telling me that it’s their favourite too! All the sushi is uniquely made with purple rice (they use a combo if rice types, including black rice which makes it turn purple. It has a crazy amount of health benefits!). Our server was awesome and offered to steam the sweet potato rather than frying them so they weren’t contaminated by eggs. Overall, we loved it! They have a patio in the summer.

Pizza Libretto

155 University Ave (and 4 other locations!)

Neighbourhood: Downtown (and other areas in Toronto)

Phone Number: 416.551.0433


How cool is it when non-vegan restaurants have house made vegan cheese?! And it’s actually GOOD! It’s soy based, and it’s easily one of the best I’ve had (it’s not chemically tasting like most store-bought cheeses). Everything is clearly labeled vegan on the menu, which is really helpful. This pizza was so delicious (I got the mushroom kind) and I’d definitely recommend going here with vegan and non vegan friends! I’ve never had their gluten-free dough, but I’m told it’s unreal. Highly recommend!

Khau Gully

1991 Yonge Street

Neighbourhood: Yonge & Eglinton

Phone Number: 647.347.9993


This restaurant had a different style of Indian food than I’m used to (the restaurant says it’s “retro-Indian”?), which I actually really loved. 
My dad and I got Tofu Bhurgee (tasted like Indian tofu scramble - I liked it!), Kahu Gully Exotic Veggies (not sure what was exotic about the veggies haha... but this was good and tasted like traditional Indian food), and Febugreek Dalh (it was pretty basic, but a good compliment to everything else).


2009 Yonge Street (and 3 other locations)

Neighbourhood: Yonge & Eglinton

Phone Number: 416.483.3747


I go to my dad's house weekly for dinner, and we order from Tabule about every other month. My dad isn't vegan, so it's an easy place for us both to find something that we like. A bunch of menu items are already vegan, so you don't need to worry about modifying anything which is always nice.

La Palma

849 Dundas St. W.

Neighbourhood: Trinity Bellwoods

Phone Number: 416.368.4567


I went here for my friends birthday, and it was the perfect place to come for a girls brunch. It's such a beautiful space (very instagrammable!), and the food was also really good. I was the only vegan in the group, and it was easy enough for me to order. I got the Avocado Crostini & Greens (order it without cheese), and it was great! 

William's Landing

William's Landing

120 Lynn Williams Street

Neighbourhood: Liberty Village

Phone Number: 647.640.8008


I was so (pleasantly) surprised about the vegan options here. They were clearly labelled on the menu, and the servers were really knowledgeable about the vegan options. We shared the Steamed Edamame, the Righteous Greens bowl (it was amazing!!!!), and the Beluga Lentil Bolognese (it's made with tofu cheese, and it's also really good!). 

Sandwich Box

388 Richmond Street West (and another location on Bay near Yorkville)

Neighbourhood: Queen West & Spadina

Phone Number: 416.593.900


Sandwich Box wins my own personal contest for Best Sandwich in Toronto. Hands Down.

They're big, and tasty, and they definitely don't skimp on the toppings. They have grilled eggplant, grilled mushrooms, avocado, roasted red peppers, caramelized  onion... I'm drooling just thinking about it.


Literally Everywhere


I'm sure that by now you've heard that A&W is serving the Beyond Burger in all their stores across Canada (how cool!!!!). My husband is pretty addicted to these, and even though hamburgers were never my go-to meal, I still think it's pretty cool to have a vegan option at A&W! 

Just make sure that you order it without the mayo/Uncle Sauce, and you're good to go! 

Mary Be Kitchen

21B St. Clair Ave West

Neighbourhood: Yonge & St. Clair

Phone Number: 416.792.7596

Such a cute spot for a casual meal. The idea is that you pick a few different sides and build your ideal meal. They do serve meat, but their vegan options are very clearly labelled, so you can feel confident that your food is really vegan. Mary Be Kitchen is a great choice if you want to eat out, but still want to be eating nutritious food. The restaurant is adorable and would be a great spot to go with a girlfriend for lunch!

Sweet Jesus

106 John Street (and a few other locations in Toronto)

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Phone Number: 647.348.2266


If you've never been to Sweet Jesus before, all you need to do is follow the super long line of people standing on John Street in downtown Toronto. It's been really trendy for a few years now, and the most exciting part is that they always have two vegan flavours.

Sabai Sabai

81 Bloor Street East

Neighbourhood: Yorkville

Phone Number: 416.748.4225


Sabai Sabai is a Northern Thai food restaurant, and if you flip over their menu, the whole page is vegan. It's such a great place to go to with friends, because everyone can get what they want. It's also such a cool space (without trying hard). I've been for lunch with my family, for my birthday dinner with friends, a date-night, a double-date-night.... the list goes on. It's perfect for every occasion, and is always busy. And the food is absolutely amazing. 

Magic Oven

302 Eglinton Ave West

Neighbourhood: Avenue & Eglinton (and the Danforth, and Liberty Village)

Phone Number: 647.350.6788


It's really easy to order from Magic Oven because they have a separate vegan section (including desserts). Their pizza is delicious, and they have a good variety of pizza types (their samosas are also vegan). The Danforth location is the only one where you can eat-in, but you can pickup or get delivery at all three. Easily one of my favourite pizza places in Toronto.

Gusto 101

101 Portland Street

Neighbourhood: Queen West

Phone Number: 416.504.9669


If I'm ever not sure where to go, I always pick Gusto. It's perfect for any occasion, in any season. I've been their for birthday dinners, for a girls-night, date-night, family lunches... it's honestly the best. The aesthetic of the restaurant is honestly so beautiful, and the second floor is pure windows (including the ceiling), so it's beautiful even in the winter. At night the light candles and have the cutest string lighting... and in the summer the patio out front is awesome... pretty much it's awesome and you should definitely go. 


5 Mercer Street

Neighbourhood: Entertainment District (Downtown)

Phone Number: 416.850.2855


This is an authentic Mexican restaurant, with two locations. The first time I went here was with a Mexican woman, and she gave it her stamp of approval. This is a great place to go to, because they label the vegan items right on the menu, and everything is really good. My husband's had his birthday dinner here a few times! The one on Mercer is really close to the ACC and the Roger's Centre, so it's really easy to stop in here before or after a game or a concert.

Wilbur Mexicana

552 King Street West

Neighbourhood: King West/Downtown


Very probably my favourite place to get Mexican food in Toronto. It's a cool space, that's has huge windows, high ceilings, and a small patio in the summer. They can make the Wilburrito vegan for you (hold the dairy, and sub in mushrooms for meat), and their salsa bar is filled with extremely delicious salsas. A great place to go with non-vegan friends, because everyone can get what they want.

What A Bagel

What A Bagel

(there are multiple locations)

130 Spadina Ave. 

Neighbourhood: Richmond & Spadina

Phone Number: 416.347.7222


Did you know that all of the bagels that don't have cheese on them, are vegan? Yup. And they're amazing. You can get them to make you a veggie sandwich with them, but honestly they're so good that I normally eat them plain. They make them fresh throughout the day, and when they're warm they taste SO GOOD. My husband and I will very often pick up a dozen when heading out of the city for the weekend.