Pregnancy Travel Must Haves

In my 25th week of pregnancy, my husband and I took a “babymoon” to British Columbia. A babymoon is a made up word for a vacation that you take while you’re pregnant, and the term annoys my mom so much that now I can’t stop using it hahaha.

It was so nice to go on a trip just the two of us! I wanted to go away when I would be pregnant enough that I was showing and actually “felt” pregnant, but also before I was further along and it would be more uncomfortable for me to fly and walk around exploring all day. 25 weeks was perfect! I think I also could have done it a bit later on in my pregnancy as well, but I had no idea how I would be feeling!

We picked BC for a few reasons:

  1. My husband really wanted us to go somewhere in Canada so that if something were to happen we would still be covered by Canadian healthcare.

  2. It’s not recommended to go on a flight for longer than 5 hours while pregnant , so we kept that in mind as well.

  3. We’ve wanted to go to BC for a while, because my husband lived there for 11 years and wanted to go back to visit. I also love BC and was excited to go somewhere with beautiful nature!

I don’t have that many travel must haves - but the ones I do have are very important (to me!).

  1. Re-usable Water Bottle - Easily my number one thing. This was important to stay hydrated on the flight (I had the flight attendants refill it throughout the flight so I could constantly sip on it). This is good to keep you hydrated (very important), but it also makes you pee a lot which gets you standing and moving! It’s recommended that you walk around the plane at least once an hour to help reduce the chance of blood clots in your lower legs. Since I was drinking so much water, I was definitely up and moving more than that haha. I was very proud of the fact that I peed 11 times on the way there (and 9 on the way back!).

    While we were on the actual trip, we made sure to always bring our water bottles no matter where we went! This is the my favourite water bottle.

  2. Electric Heating Pad - This took up some space in my suitcase (not too much, like the same space as a hoodie), but I’m so glad that I brought it. After a full day of walking around and exploring it was so nice to be able to lay in bed with my heating pad! It’s recommended to only use it for ten minutes at a time (or it could raise your internal body temperature too much), but ten minutes is all I need anyway.

  3. Insoles - I talked about these in my first trimester must haves post. So necessary! I love these ones.

  4. Foot Massages - Just because I had the insoles doesn't mean that I didn't need a nightly foot massage :)

  5. Dresses - This is a bit of a random one, but I wore dresses nearly the entire time and found them so comfortable! They don’t constrict or dig into your stomach, and they’re just so comfy while still cute!

  6. Prenatals - An obvious one, but thought I’d include it. Don’t forget these at home!

And that’s my list! Just the basics :).