6 Month Update (Week 27)

I can hardly believe it… but i’m already 6 months pregnant!!! All of a sudden, it seems like he’s going to be here SO SOON!

We went on a trip to Victoria & Vancouver when I was 25 weeks old, and it was so nice! I posted my Pregnancy Travel Must Haves here.

Also - I was interview on The Two Market Girls podcast about my pregnancy! You can listen to it here: https://anchor.fm/tmg-unfiltered


(NO MORE) Heartburn - Completely gone (fingers crossed!). I found it helped if I didn't eat past 7pm, and also didn’t eat greasy/spicy foods for dinner. But it doesn’t seem to be effecting me anymore, which is amazing because it was SO PAINFUL. It only lasted for about 2 weeks (on and off), and I really hope it doesn’t come back!

Back Pain - Still have some mild back pain when I’ve been sitting too long (like a car ride, or after work), but it goes away no problem if I lie down. I also use my electric heating pad occasionally!

Charlie Horse Cramps! - OH MAN. This is my most painful one right now haha (at least my body is nice and not giving me heart burn at the same time haha). Apparently this is super-common and it happens in your calves generally. It happens to my right and left legs equally. It will happen at like 4 or 5am, when I start to wake up a little and stretch in my sleep. Then I get a TERRIBLE pain in my calf, and so I scream and my husband wakes up and gently massages it (we have the routine down now haha). The pain only lasts like ten-fifteen seconds and then it completely goes away, and I go back to sleep… it’s crazy that it can be SO PAINFUL and then completely go away afterwards…

Other updates:

My Weight Gain - 22 pounds! Like I’ve said before, I’m not really worried about my weight gain. I’m eating (generally) healthily and I trust that my body is gaining what it needs :).

The Size of the Baby - The baby is the size of a cabbage! It can apparently hear things, and recognize my voice (!).

Kicks! - The baby is moving so frequently now! I can especially feel it when I’m lying in bed when I wake up in the morning, and right before I fall asleep. I also usually feel it after lunch when I’m sitting at my desk at work. The kicks feel so strong, and I can even see my stomach move! It’s crazy to think that the movement is going to get even stronger!

I think that’s about it! All is still going great so far :)