Melty Grilled Cheese - every time

Alright, grilled cheese may seem like a no brainer… butter the bread, add the cheese, and grill it on a hot pan.

…But when you throw vegan cheese into the mix, things aren’t quite as easy. Don’t get me wrong, vegan cheese is pretty amazing (provided you get the right kind)... but it isn’t always the easiest to melt. Vegan cheese CAN melt, but the problem is that it takes a little longer to melt than dairy cheese, so by the time it’s nice and melty… your bread is burnt.

The ONLY two kinds of vegan cheese slices that I recommend are Chao cheese (both flavours), and the “provolone” from Earth Island (called Follow Your Heart in the states).

I’ve shared this little trick a few times on Instagram, and it always gets a ton of comments so I thought I’d share it here too.

Before you come at me and say that I could just put a dome on the pan… I like my way better. But do what you want.

  1. Butter the outside of your bread, add two slices of cheese to the middle and heat it over medium heat, as usual. (I use Earth Balance butter)

  2. When you think your bread is toated perfectly (but unfortunately your cheese isn’t melted), put it on a plate and microwave it for 30 seconds. This will melt your cheese perfectly… BUT you’ll find that your bread is soggy.

  3. That’s when you put the grilled cheese back on the hot pan (I know, I’m a genius). All it takes is 10 seconds on each side, and it crisps it right back up again.

  4. Optional: Open up your gooey grilled cheese and add a slice of cold tomato. Heaven.