William's Landing

I was so (pleasantly) surprised about the vegan options here. They were clearly labelled on the menu, and the servers were really knowledgeable about the vegan options. We shared the Steamed Edamame, the Righteous Greens bowl (it was amazing!!!!), and the Beluga Lentil Bolognese (it's made with tofu cheese, and it's also really good!). 

My husband and I went here for a date night (we had a gift card), and it was the perfect location. It's in Liberty Village so we spent some time before dinner looking around West Elm which is aways a great night for me :)

Overall, this was a great experience, and is an awesome place to go if you have non-vegan and vegan friends eating together. It was delicious, and so much better than I was expecting! We'll definitely be back.