Bringing Food to an All-Inclusive?


Yes, I bring food to an all-inclusive resort. For an average person, this might seem to defeat the point, but for someone with dietary restrictions it's worth it.

I'm almost always pleasantly surprised with the amount of foods that are vegan when I go on vacation, but I'd hate to be in a situation where that's not the case... and it never hurts to have some midnight snacks in you room :)

LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, and for once in your life BUY the packaging that's terrible for the environment (snack sized items). One year we didn't do this, and I spent an hour crying and standing on a chair because of the cockroaches that sniffed out our snacks. 

My husband and I just got back from the Dominican, and here are the snacks that we brought with us. Our rule is that we try not to bring items that don't have any nutritional value - there will be plenty of fries available that will fill that void! The point of bringing snacks is so that if there isn't much for us to eat at dinner one night, we can still fill up on foods that are relatively good for us. 

Lara Bars - I love these because the ingredients in them couldn't be more natural. I don't eat these in my real life because I'd rather eat the actually fruit and nuts, but they're great for travelling. My absolute favourite flavour is the Blueberry Muffin!!

Sun Ripe Fruit Source Bars - Really great ingredients, and they taste great!! We packed a 12 pack for the two of us, and we wished we packed more! 

Eat Nakd Bars - Again, really simple and healthy ingredients - and they taste like a dessert. My favourite is the Cocoa Orange - YUM!

Cliff Bars (Oatmeal Raison Walnut flavour) - OK, so not the healthiest, but they're so filling and my husband loves them. TBH I only ate half of one because I was too busy eating the Lara Bars.

Go Go Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies - You caught us... we broke our rule on this one... but they're so good!!! And if anything isn't going to be vegan at an all inclusive... it's probably going to be the dessert. These are individually wrapped, which I normally HATE... but in the fight against the bugs it's worth it just this once. I would bring one with me to dinner, and eat it with some fruit while my friends were eating their desert. 

365 Brand Instant Oatmeal (Maple & Spice flavour) - My husband laughed at me for this one, and then admitted that it was a great idea haha. I just figure... there's only so many days in a row that I can eat toast and jam for breakfast. Oats make me feel so great when I eat them for breakfast, and while I prefer to use old-fashioned oats at home, this brand is pretty great in terms of ingredients. All you need is hot water (which your resort should have our for tea anyway), wait a few minutes, and top with fruit! #ThankMeLater

Peanut Butter - This one is all my husband haha. He figured that if nothing else, he can make himself a midnight PB sandwich... He decided to get the unhealthy-processed kind because it doesn't need to be refrigerated. This actually ended up saving us when we went on a day-long excursion off the resort - we grabbed some rolls from breakfast and ate them with peanut butter on the catamaran :)

As a side note, I ended up eating hardly eating any fats while I was away (my lunches and dinners were rice and veggies, and my breakfasts were oats with fruit), so I was glad to have the Lara Bars to get some healthy fats into my diet.

Do you bring an snacks while you're on vacation? Let me know!