My 3 Favourite (unconventional) Burgers

I was never a fan of actual beef, so vegan beef isn't really my jam either. I've made a list of my three favourite vegan burgers in Toronto - and they're all a little different than your average 'beef' burger. 

Here they are, not in any order:

1. Doomie's Crispy ChickenBurger

One time I brought the leftovers to my parent's house to give to my sister, and she (a non-vegan), said are you SURE that this is vegan? It's THAT good. It's topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onion - a perfect vegan match for a McDonald's McChicken. Since I find it pretty heavy, I normally eat all the fries (duh) and half the burger, and then I have lunch for the next day.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.44.13 PM.png

2. Hello123's Pulled Pineapple Slider

This was so unexpectedly good. It tastes like pulled jackfruit, but it's a tad sweeter. It's topped with cabbage slaw, adobo sauce and aioli, and I could eat 10 of them in a row and not get tired of them. I think the idea of a slider is that it's smaller than a regular burger, so you can eat other things as well... but that seems silly - just order more sliders and call it a day. 

Photo Credit: Hello 123

Photo Credit: Hello 123

3. Fresh's Chipotle Mushroom Bacon Burger

This burger is INSANE. It's topped with chipotle mayo, grilled tempeh bacon, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce & alfalfa sprouts, and it's soooo good. My friend's boyfriend is a hardcore meat-eater and he loves this burger. The chipotle mayo with the mushrooms and the bun... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it - where's the heart eyes emoji when you need it?!

image1 (1).jpeg


Where's your favourite place to get a burger in Toronto? Are they different than mine? Let me know!