Quick Rice & Veggies with Homemade Sauce (GF)

If you’re looking for the easiest meal in the world (that’s also nourishing and tasty), I’ve got you covered.
This sauce makes even the most simple meal (like this one!), next level. I use it for sooo many things.
On those nights when I have no idea what to make for dinner, this is my favourite go to meal. Don’t laugh at how simple it is until you try it!! We always have all the ingredients in the house, and make this at least once a week.
I make brown rice in my instant pot, heat up two cups of the frozen green giant veggie mix on the stove, and make the sauce... it takes about ten minutes! Wahoo! I also like to sprinkle a ton of white sesame seeds on top. Way quicker than ordering food (and way healthier!). If I have some produce to use up, I’ll sauté that too and add it on top (but usually it’s just the green giant veggies - no shame!!).

Sauce (for two):

2 tbsp peanut butter (smooth, but crunchy also works)

3 tbsp tamari/soy sauce

1 tbsp water

The juice from one lemon (or lime works too)

4 tsp chili garlic sauce

3/4 tsp ground ginger