30 Minute Stirfry (Minimalist Baker)

This recipe can be made two ways. The first way is to follow the recipe (which is awesome). This was the first time I’d had cauliflower rice before and was actually very impressed. I used to think that it was for people who were scared of carbs, but it’s actually so good and a nice change from rice. The cauliflower makes the sauce shine through more because it doesn’t absorb it like a rice would.

You can totally make this recipe with rice as well (I do!).

The second version of this recipe is to make it with rice… and to use a green giant frozen veggies instead (the mix of corn, peas, carrots, and green beans). This is my go-to dinner for when I’m busy/tired and still want something healthy for dinner. I’m telling you, this sauce it so amazing that it makes even rice and frozen veggies seem fancy :) . It tastes even better when you top it with sesame seeds.

The recipe is by Minimalist Baker, and can be found here: https://minimalistbaker.com/30-minute-cauliflower-rice-stir-fry/