Sabai Sabai

Ohmygod do I ever love Sabai Sabai. It's one of those places that I've probably walked past a hundred times without realizing that it was there.... but now that I know about it you can't keep me away.

It's Nothern Thai food and if you flip over their menu, there's an entire whole vegan page (nearly half the menu is vegan!). It's such a great place to go to with friends, because everyone can get what they want. It's also such a cool space (without trying hard). I've been for lunch with my family, for my birthday dinner with friends, a date-night, a double-date-night.... the list goes on. It's perfect for every occasion, and is always busy. 

My favourite things to get are the Crispy Taro Rolls, and the Penang Curry (SO GOOD!). My trick with the curry is to eat half of it with all the rice, and then to order another side of rice to eat the leftovers with - genius, I know. 

(Photo credit for the first picture is from Sabai Sabai, because it's always too dark in there for me to take a cute picture... as you can tell from the second picture haha).