SunCafe (Los Angeles)

OHMYGOD is this place unreal. 

First of all, it's adorable - look at the front of the this is where you park your car. So freaking cute.

The actual restaurant is simply perfect (unfortunately I don't have a picture of it - you'll have to go check it out yourself!), but the patio is gorgeous and it's really cool inside as well. We had such a hard time deciding on what to order, but ended up getting The Cubano Sandwich (marinated portobello, tempeh bacon, chipotle aioli, mixed greens, tomatoes, pickles, and mustard, on a whole wheat bun), and the Mac & Cheese (quinoa pasta with tomato and cashew cheese) to share. 

Oh my god - both of them were amazing. If I lived even relatively close to this restaurant (i.e. in the same country), I'd be here every single day. The sandwich seemed simple enough, but it was one of the best sandwiches that I've ever had. And the Mac and Cheese.....definitely the best I've ever had in my life. The sauce was so creamy and the taste was PERFECT. Just looked at the baked cheese sauce....yummmmm.We also got the mashed potatoes and gravy as a side for the sandwich, and it was (you guess it), also pefect. 

If you're in Los Angeles, you need to check this place out!