Plant Food and Wine (Los Angeles)

The biggest difference I noticed about restaurants in Los Angeles and Toronto, are the patios. Don't get me wrong, Toronto has some great patios...but the ones in Los Angeles are on a completely different level. In Toronto (or anywhere where it snows for a good portion of the year), giant patio's just don't make sense. It's wasted real estate for virtually half of the year. In LA however, outdoor seating is used year round and because of this most restaurants have huge, beautiful spaces to eat outside. 

I found Plant Food and Wine through Happy Cow (if you don't have that app - get it now), and we went there on one of our last days in LA. When we first got to the restaurant, we thought maybe we had made a mistake because there wasn't anybody there...but then the waitress led us to the back of the restaurant and led us outside. The patio was completely gorgeous. A literal oasis. There were trees, and vines everywhere and it was completely amazing. 

We were there during the Arata Pop-up so I ordered the Miso Soup, and it was so good (pictured below).