El Cantaro (Monterey, CA)

In August my boyfriend and I drove down from San Francisco to San Diego over the course of 10 days. We spent a weekend in San Francisco and then drove to Yosemite for the day. After that we stopped in Monterey for 2 nights. 

Monterey was so beautiful, but there were forest fires so it was super foggy from the ash, and it even smelled like smoke in some places. 

Because of the fires most of the National Parks in the area closed down, but on our last day there Point Lobos reopened. I wish that they sky had been clearer so that we would have had a nicer view, but it was still gorgeous.

When we were done exploring Point Lobos we went to the only totally vegan restaurant in town - El Cantaro. Not only was it the only completely vegan restaurant, but it was a Mexican restaurant (the best combo ever!). 

The restaurant was especially cool because it was very authentic (which I didn't expect it to be considering that it's a vegan restaurant). It's super casual, and the staff members are so friendly. But more importantly...the food was DELICIOUS.

I got one each of the mushroom, vegetable, and chicken tacos (pictured below). I also ended up buying 2 more 'chicken' tacos to go (also pictured below)...this was a mistake as they are insanely filling haha. 

If you decide to drive along the coast of California, you definitely need to stop in Monterey to go to El Cantaro.