California Pizza Kitchen (U.S.A)

With 270 locations, I was so surprised to have never heard of CPK before. I heard about it when I was watching a YouTube video from Mr. and Mrs. Vegan on healthy fast food.

When we landed in San Francisco I was excited to see that there was a California Pizza Kitchen literally across the street from where we were staying. By the time our flight landed (it had been delayed by hours), and we had checked into our hotel, it was 4am. We were so hungry, and went to bed dreaming about pizza haha. 

When we woke up we went straight to CPK - we were STARVING. The menu had a leaf symbol beside everything that was vegetarian, but we were so hungry that we didn't even look at that. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Vegan I knew exactly what I was going to order. We got the California Veggie pizza (without cheese), but with fresh tomatoes instead of eggplant and sundried tomatoes (making it pretty much oil-free).

Not only was it delicious, but we couldn't help but notice that after we had finished it, we felt energized rather than weighed down like you usually do after eating a large pizza. Obviously the absence of meat and dairy has a HUGE impact on how great you feel, but even after eating vegan pizzas you can still feel a bit sluggish. We realized that we had never had an oil-free pizza before, and we felt amazing after eating it. We had so much energy and didn't feel like we needed to take a break before we went on a long walk exploring the city. 

California Pizza Kitchen - Please come to Canada!!