by CHLOE (Los Angeles)

If there was one restaurant that I knew I had to go to while in California, it was by CHLOE. I first heard of it when it was the opening weekend of their LA location, and it exploded on Instagram. Not only did the food look delicious, but their packaging was also adorable haha. 

If you've never heard of by CHLOE before, it's a completely vegan fast-food restaurant connected to Whole Foods. They have a few locations New York, one in Los Angeles, and two locations are coming soon in Boston. I'm hoping that they keep expanding and that they bring it to Canada!

The first time we went to by CHLOE (that's right...we went there twice), my boyfriend and I split the Classic Burger (tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut-patty, with pickles, onion, beet ketchup, and a special sauce), the air-baked fries, and Avocado Pesto Pasta. The burger was delicious (it tasted like a healthier version of a fast-food burger), and the pasta was good (nothing life-changing, but still pretty good). The air-baked fries were also delicious, but the real winner was the chipotle dipping sauce. It was SO GOOD. I dipped the burger in it (as well as the fries), and it was seriously amazing. I used to be obsessed with the Chubby Chicken Wraps from A&W, and used to always order extra of the chipotle sauce it came with on the side. This sauce tastes EXACTLY the same. I need them to bottle it and sell it, because I want to put that sauce on everything.

The second time we went I got the same thing (the Classic Burger and air baked fries). My boyfriend got the Whisky Burger and the Mac & Cheese.

I know that in the states there are a few fast food vegan restaurants you can go to (like Veggie Grill), but in Canada they're mostly sit down restaurants. It was so cool to have a fast-food restaurant that you could just run into and get a meal (like a WAY healthier version of McDonalds). I don't think that it's difficult to be vegan no matter where you live in the world...but if you live in LA you DEFINITELY don't have an excuse!