Oil-Free Hummus

If you're not already makeing homemade hummus, you're wrong. 

Not only is it WAY cheaper (1.79 per can of chickpeas, vs. 7.00 per container of hummus), but you can also make it oil-free which is so much healthier.

When I first started making my own hummus I was adding tahini since that's what in all of the recipes I found. One day I forgot to add the tahini...and it tasted the exact same to me. From that day on I never looked back! (Feel free to add tahini if you want...but for me it doesn't make a difference, and this way the hummus is virtually fat-free - the only fat you're getting is from the chickpeas themselves).

To make my hummus, I add the can of chickpeas and about half of the chickpea water to my food processor (normal hummus recipes don't call for this much water, but since we're not adding oil the water will help to make it smooth). I then add juice from 1 lemon, fresh garlic, paprika, salt and a ton of black pepper. Blend it all together and you're good to go! (You'll need to blend it for about 30-45 seconds, and you may need to add more water depending on how smooth or chunky you like it!).

And there you go! My go-to use for this hummus is on toast with tomato or a baked portobello mushroom (with extra salt and pepper on top of course).