If you're a vegan from Toronto and haven't heard about Doomie's, you must be living under a rock. I was there for their opening weekend in April and I've been dreaming about it ever since. I first heard of them last year at Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Fest when there was a MASSIVE line-up to get a vegan Big Mac from a restaurant that had come up from LA (I didn't get one then, I didn't have time for that line). Fast-forward just 8 months and they're opening a Toronto location - so cool!

We obviously got the Big Mac, and they even served it to us in their faux McDonalds packaging which was pretty neat. I've actually never had a Big Mac, but I thought that this one tasted pretty good - and it was HUGE!

Even better than the Big Mac though, were the deep fried mac and cheese balls. Oh my god...seriously the best I've ever had. Mac & Cheese used to be my all time favourite food, so I have  a VERY hard time finding a good vegan substitute. I will very often order mac & cheese whenever I see if on a vegan menu, but I'm almost always left disappointed. NOT THIS TIME!!! Seriously amazing. Next time I go I'm considering just ordering 2 orders of the mac and cheese balls and calling it a day.