Gusto 101

Before I was vegan, pizza was one of my favourite foods. Now that I'm vegan it's still one of my favourite foods. You know when you have really cheap pizza, the cheese is the most important part? Well when you have a really good pizza, the dough and the sauce and the toppings are the most important. In fact, when you go to an italian restaurant there's hardly any cheese on it at all. 

I read a thing today that said something like "my friends asked me why I would eat pizza with the good stuff removed... I told them I eat pizza with the bad stuff removed". OH BURN

Gusto is definitely not a vegan restaurant, but their pizza is amazing. I order the Margherita Pizza with no cheese, and then add mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and tons of arugula. It's so good! 

The Sautéed Greens are vegan (and so tasty), and if the chef is feeling nice they'll make you pasta.

Seriously if you haven't tried it, you need to.

Pro Tip: The bread that they serve is also vegan. Woo!!