LuAnne's Wild Ginger (NYC)

The amount of vegan restaurants in New York City was INSANE. We were wandering around South Manhattan when we found this little Asian and completely vegan restaurant. I love Asian food, but I'm always very cautious because there's often fish sauce in dishes, so it was so nice to find a completely vegan one. 

I ordered the mushroom soup to start (it was like miso soup, but with the addition of mushrooms - so good), as well as the pad thai. My boyfriend ordered the pumpkin soup with the bi-bim bap bowl with saitan.  Both dishes were SO good, we both agreed that it was one of the best meals we'd had while in New York. Our waiter told us that once there was a family visiting from Finland, and they had lunch there every single day from a week! 

I can't recommend this restaurant highly enough!!