Summer Shoes - Call It Spring

Aldo used to be my go-to store for decent, reasonably priced shoes. Whatever the occasion, you can pretty much count on Aldo to have your back. Call It Spring is Aldo's sister store, and they pretty much have the exact same shoes for a cheaper price. Why are they cheaper? Because the majority of them are made with faux-leather. Before I was vegan, I just thought that they were worse quality and questioned why anyone would want to shop there as opposed to Aldo - but that was before I was vegan and tried their shoes!

I bought my first pair of shoes from there a couple of weeks ago for a trip to Palm Beach, Florida. I pass an Aldo on my way to work and had been eyeing a pair of heels from there for a while (but I would obviously never buy them). I was thinking about how I wished there was a vegan option when I remembered about Call It Spring! I wasn't sure if they carried faux-leather shoes, but I figured that since they were the cheaper option that they probably weren't real leather. When I went in I learned that while they do carry some suede and leather products, the majority of their shoes aren't real leather. 

I tried on the paid of shoes that was extremely similar to the ones I had been looking at at Aldo, and I was very surprised at how comfy they were! I wore them for 7 hours at an event in Palm Beach and my feet didn't hurt at all - such a win, cheaper shoes and no harm to the animals :)