My Favourite (Unhealthy) Vegan Restaurants In Toronto

Sure, whole foods are great and all, but who doesn't love indulging in unhealthy vegan food. It's all about balance, amiright?

Here are my top 4 vegan restaurants in Toronto! 

1. Apiecalypse Now! Pizza & Snack Bar

Very edgy and cool, Apiecalypse Now is a hipsters paradise (but I didn't let that stop a mainstream girl like me). I was obsessed with their Instagram account (@pizzapiecalypse) for months before I finally got around to going there (seriously it's so cool, check it out!). They are known for their pizzas and donuts, and they NEVER disappoint. 

My favourite things include:

       - Donuts (I realize that donuts aren't technically a meal...but I could totally eat enough of these to qualify them as one. They have different flavours every day, and are frequently known to sell out of donuts before the day is done.)

       - Poutine (Oh baby do I ever love a good poutine. This is the first vegan poutine that I've ever had, and it didn't let me down. Their fries alone are delicious, and then they top it with gravy and whatever kind of vegan cheese your little heart desires. Pure heaven.)

       - The Pig Destroyer Destroyer Pizza (Ok, time for some real talk: this kind of pizza isn't actually my favourite. Before I was vegan I didn't like the taste of meat, so fake meat is completely wasted on me. HOWEVER, this pizza is much loved by everyone I've talked to, so I thought it was worth a mention. (Creamy garlic sauce, house hot sauce, hickory BBQ soy curls, seitanrizo crumbles, secret spiced not chicken, vegan bacon bits, vegan pepperoni slices, garlic artichokes, vegan smoke gouda, vegan mozzarella). I personally prefer the ones without any 'meat' on them, like The Reunion Tour Pizza (local organic tomato sauce, marinated mushrooms, garlic artichokes, red onion, organic spinach, cherry-tomatoes, and house speciality organic cashew ricotta).

*** Their deep fried vegan Mars Bars (Twilight bars) are perfection. 

*** They have different monthly sandwich specials all the time. I recently had the Portobello Steak Sandwich and it was AMAZINGPan fried marinated mushroom steak, creamy cashew & spinach pesto and crispy golden onion rings on fresh baked country bread.

       Pictured below: Pizzas, Poutine, The Reunion Tour Pizza, Donuts (including their famous pink 'Simpsons Donut'), The Deep Fried (vegan) Mars Bar, and a Sandwich (in the best packaging I've ever seen).



2. Doug's Public Kitchen

"Vegan, organic comfort food that even carnivores will love".

This place is great. The chef, Doug McNish, is a culinary genius and his vegan comfort food is heavenly. It was recommended to me in the summer, and I so wish that I had gone sooner. It's definitely worth the hike to North Toronto, and is conveniently located beside Glencarin subway station!

My favourite things include:

       - Eggs Benedict (Before I was vegan my favourite breakfast of all time was Eggs Benedict. I requested it on Christmases, birthdays, and pretty much anytime my mom was nice enough to make it for me. I was a little apprehensive about what the hollandaise sauce would taste like, but Doug more than pulled it off. It tastes just like the regular kind, but with tomatoes. It even comes with a 'negg' on top, which is a concoction of a variety of ingredients including nutritional yeast - it ends up looking eerily similar to an egg yolk. Definitely try this is you've been looking for a vegan-comfort food breakfast!Whole wheat english muffin, spinach, tomatoes, tofu, and a 'negg').

       - Squash Mac & Cheese (Ok, so though Eggs Benedict was my favourite breakfast of all time, Mac & Cheese was my life and joy. I lived for it, I dreamed of it, I would have died for it. Vegan Mac & Cheese on the other hand, sucks. At least that was what I thought until Doug changed my life. Before I tried his version, I felt like I had tried every version out there... and man, were they gross. Though my expectations couldn't have been lower, I had heard good things so I decided to give it a go. I picked up a small version, and made it for dinner the next night (baking it in the oven for about half an hour)...after I took my first very apprehensive bite, I was in LOVE. This is SERIOUSLY the best vegan Mac & Cheese I've EVER had, and I've tried SO many kinds. I'm not kidding - everyone needs to try this RIGHT NOW). It's amazing. 

       - Wholewheat Pancakes (Completely delicious - just like everything I've tried here so far. I don't really have much else to say about these, other than the fact that they are so filling and so healthy. Topped with maple syrup, vegan butter and whipped cream, and totally perfect).

Pictured Below: Eggs Benedict, Squash Mac & Cheese, Wholewheat Pancakes



3. Porter House

Confession Time: The first time I went here for dinner, I didn't like it. This was the first vegan junk food place I had been to after I had been converted to veganism, and I was scandalized at the thought of people eating vegan food that wasn't good for you. I was in the midst of researching high-carb low-fat vegan diets, and I didn't understand this place. Fast forward a few months, and I became obsessed. 

What I especially love about this place is that it doesn't advertise anywhere that it's vegan and it has a truly authentic pub-like feel. You have no idea that it's vegan until you start reading the menu, and then realize that there aren't any animal products to be found.

My favourite things include:

       - BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich (This was my first experience with jackfruit, and I instantly became it's biggest fan. It's got a texture similar to pulled pork, and retains the BBQ flavour like a champ. Shredded jackfruit, slaw, and horseradish mayo, all on a burger bun with fries).

       - Yaba Sandwich (One of their specialities. Be warned - This sandwich is massive and a little intimidating - only order it if you are ready to eat a ton! Bean curd, bubble and squeak, pickled beet, cranberry sauce, horseradish mayo - all on sliced white bread with beer gravy.).

       - Chip Butty Sandwich (Another speciality, and frankly it's just fun to say. Fries, 'butter' and marmite, on sliced white bread with slaw, pickled carrot and endive salad).

Unfortunately I don't have any'll have to go there yourself to see the goods.


4. Bloomer's

Located conveniently at Bloor & Ossington (right near Ossington subway station), this place is key. It's casual, homey, and they even have a collection of board games for you to play. I tend to go on weeknights, as they have limited seating and fill up fast.

My favourite things include:

       - Pulled Jackfruit (Comeonnnnnn, this is so good. After loving the BBQ jackfruit months earlier at Porter House, I couldn't resist trying another version and it didn't disappoint. Baked jackfruit sauteed in house-made BBQ sauce with purple cabbage coleslaw, romaine lettuce and 'ranch' dressing, topped with an onion ring, and all on a house-made bun. Get this with fresh-cut fries and you're good to go).

       - Tempeh Reuben (The addition of avocados to the traditional reuben makes it a killer sandwich. Marinated and grilled tempeh, avocado, pickles, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing)

       - The Beta Bowl (It may seem like an odd combo at first, but trust me, it works. Brown rice, steamed greens, shredded carrots, sweet potato, green peas, black olives, dried apricot, cayenne pepper, mixed herbs and mixed seeds, with a sesame ginger dressing).

*** They're also known for their brunch - their bagels are divine.

***Make sure you pick up a Cinnamon Twist or donut hole for dessert!

Pictured Below: The Pulled Jackfruit in the front, and the Tempeh Reuben in the back (I couldn't resist eating all of my Cinnamon donut holes before I remembered to take a picture)



Have any unhealthy vegan restaurant suggestions? Let me know, I'm ALWAYS down to try know, for research ;)