What A Bagel

Ok friends, prepare to have your lives changed.

Let me start at the beginning. A month ago it was my friend/colleagues birthday and she brought in bagels for the team (what a sweetheart). At first I was excited (because bagels, duh), but then I realized that I probably couldn’t eat them. I was starving and had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to call the bagel store to find out if they contained eggs or dairy (my hopes were quite low at this point). They told me that all of their bagels were vegan except for the ones that were obviously not (e.g. the cheese bagels). I was a little suspicious of this because it seemed too good to be true, but after I called two more of their locations I was convinced!

But wait – it gets better. Once I had called 3 locations to confirm the vegan-ness of the bagels, I was finally able to try one. People were concerned because the only topping was cream cheese (which I obviously couldn't have), but I didn’t care. The bagel was still warm and soft and it was AMAZING.

Seriously these are the best bagels I’ve ever tasted (and my non-vegan friends agree).

Wanna hear the most amazing part? If you get the whole bagels (not cut in half, or toasted, or added toppings or anything like that), they’re only 75 cents each. And they’re seriously SO good I don’t know why you would want to toast them or add anything to them. (But you can also totally add veggies if you're in the mood).


Pro Tip: When you go there you pick your own bagels from a rack, so ask an employee which is the freshest batch.