1st Trimester Update

Ok, the first trimester ends around 14 weeks, so I’m a little late on this (ok few months), but better late than never!

When I first got pregnant, I SCOURED the internet looking for week by week updates so I could follow along and see if I was feeling similarly to anyone else out there.

…but then when as I was going through the first trimester, I kept thinking that what I was experiencing was too “boring” (which I know is a good thing!!), so I wasn’t going to post anything. I was talking to a friend and she was saying that every experience is important and that I should talk about it anyway. She pointed out that it might be nice for people who want to get pregnant in the future, to know that it’s not horrible for everyone.

(and if you’re reading this, and first trimester was horrible for you, I’m sorry! But know that even though it’s been relatively easy for me (so far), it definitely wasn’t easy for me to get pregnant in the first place (you can read about that here). I definitely had some symptoms, but nothing that was too bad.

I decided to google common common 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, to see what I had!

Morning Sickness - I didn’t have this and it took me a while to learn to be grateful haha. It’s such a common thing that you hear about, so I thought it meant that something might be wrong! After lots of reassurance from my doctor, I finally realized this was a blessing. My mom and grandma also didn’t have morning sickness - so maybe it was hereditary?

Food Cravings/Food Aversions - Even more common than cravings in the first trimester, are food aversions. I’d read sooo much about even the healthiest bloggers who couldn't stomach fruit or vegetables in the first trimester, and was scared that that would be me. A super common thing you hear about the first trimester, is just about making it through and to eat whatever your body will allow you to (your prenatal will help you get all the nutrients that you need anyway). I didn’t (and still don’t) have any cravings or aversions… though sometimes I pretend to have a craving for Chipotle haha.

Tender/Larger Breasts - Yes! My boobs went from an A to a B - I thought this would be a good thing, until I had to buy new bras haha. The tenderness was never too uncomfortable, and it mostly went away by the time the first trimester was over.

Increased Urination - OH MY GOD YES. I drink a lot of water, so I pee a ton anyway… but this was CRAZY during the first few weeks after I found out. It was ridiculous. I’d always heard of increased urination as a symptom later on in pregnancy when the baby pushes on your bladder… but turns out it’s a common one in early pregnancy too (apparently this is due to hormonal changes). I was convinced that I had a UTI for a while because I had to pee so much haha.

Constipation - Without going into too much detail… yes, kind of. This is because your body is trying to extract every single nutrient from the food that you eat, and it slows everything down. This went away before the first trimester was over.

Fatigue - Yes, slightly. Nothing too crazy, but I was definitely ready to go to bed after dinner on some nights! To be honest, it was a nice excuse to not stay out so late on weekends haha.

So overall, my first trimester experience wasn’t bad at all. I know it’s not the best time for a lot of people… so I guess I’m here to tell you that everyone is different and you future pregnancy might not be so bad? :)