1st Trimester Must Haves


I’ve been getting a lot of requests for “pregnancy must haves”, so I thought it made sense to start at the beginning with my 1st Trimester! I’ll post my second trimester list at the end of the trimester so I can make sure to include everything that I’ve used.

I had a very “easy” first trimester, so my list is pretty minimal. But this is what I found worked for me!

  1. Garden of Life (My Kind Organics) Prenatal Vitamin

    I have been taking this same prenatal for a long time. Since we started trying to get pregnant. You’re supposed to start taking prenatal vitamins from the moment you start trying to get pregnant (ideally three months before). This is to ensure that your body is ready and has enough nutrients to grow a baby. You’re also supposed to take them the entire time you’re pregnant, as well as for the whole time that your breastfeeding… so needless to say, you’ll be taking these for a while! I picked this specific kind because it made the most sense to me. I generally try to fuel my body with healthy foods, so I wanted a prenatal that aligned with that. I love this It’s made with ground up fruits and vegetables, so you’re getting everything that you need, but it’s from natural sources. They’re made from 30 organic whole foods (like blueberries, blackberries, green bell peppers, ginger, red cabbage, kale, etc.). But don’t worry, they’re certified, and not some hippy-dippy alternative so you can be sure that you’re getting everything that your doctor recommends.

  2. Full Length Insoles

    My feet (specifically my left one) started KILLING me around Week 16. I started getting cramps right where my big toe meets the rest of my foot. And then because of that I would walk funny and then get cramps in the rest of my foot. I seriously couldn’t even walk a block! My husband did a lot of research (he’s a BIG research guy haha. Makes my life easier that he does it!), and found that it’s a combination of a few things. The first is the weight gain - I had gained about 10 pound at this point in a quick amount of time (as any pregnant woman would), and so my body wasn't used to that. The other thing is that when you’re pregnant you have more blood and your joints start to loosen to prepare for child birth. These two factors were making my arches flatten a bit, which would result in the foot pain. My husband ordered me insoles (only $20!) and I put them in my two most-worn shoes. The pain completely went away in a couple days!!! I’m definitely going to continue to wear them for the rest of my pregnancy… and maybe even longer, because why not? I actually tried another type before these - they weren’t full length, they were just little pads that went under your arches. I hated these as I found they slid around in my shoe even they were supposed to be sticky!

  3. Water bottles - CamelBak Eddy 2 Pack

    Ok, this is a bit of a random one, but I’ve been LOVING my water bottles lately. I find they make drinking water so much easier, because I just have water with me at all times. I’ve also been loving (craving? haha) extremely cold water this whole pregnancy so far. I have two water bottles that I rotate in and out of the fridge so that I always have “fridge water”. My husband is in charge of making sure that there’s a bottle in the fridge before we go to bed, so I can have it in the morning. He only forgot once… and I was so sad that he’s never forgotten again.

  4. Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds

    Flax and chia seeds have both been something that I start incorporating since I got pregnant… but I’m realizing now that I should have been eating more of them when I wasn’t pregnant too! They’re both high in Omega-3’s so I like adding either one or the other depending on what I’m eating. My usual breakfast is oatmeal (half a cup of dry oats), topped with either half an apple or a banana, chopped walnuts, blueberries, and a splash of almond milk. I’ll add in two tablespoons of ground flaxseed to the oatmeal when it’s nearly finished cooking the stove (this will seem like a lot, but I promise it mixes right in and you won’t even know it’s there). Remember to store your flax seeds in the fridge!

    If I’m having a snack (or a quicker breakfast), I’ll have two pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam, with ground chia seeds. I’ll actually spread out the peanut butter, and then sprinkle on a teaspoon of ground chia to each slice. Then when you spread the jam on top of that it kind of all mixes in with the jam so you can’t even notice it.

  5. Snacks - Pressed Fruit Bars

    While I never had morning sickness, I did have the occasional time where I felt like I need to eat RIGHT NOW or else I would feel a little faint. I’m not normally much of a snacker, but during the first trimester I always made sure to have snacks in my bag! I didn’t want to just be eating junk, so I tried to keep my snacks as healthy as possible.

  6. Pregnancy Books - What to Expect When You’re Expecting

    I’ll confess that I haven’t actually read any… but this is a classic and my husband has been reading it over the course of my pregnancy. He’s loves learning about medical things, so it’s almost fun for him haha. I benefit because he tells me the things that I need to know!

Every pregnancy is different… did I miss anything that you found was imperative? Let me know!